Baby Millie



Here I’m going to share some lovely pictures of baby Millie from when she was about 8 months old.  Whereas with newborn photography you might spend most of the time trying to get baby to sleep, with a baby of this age there is a lot more interaction – in this case a parent or grandparent standing behind me making funny noises or waving favourite toys:-)

Each stage has its different challenges for the photographer, but I do enjoy photographing a baby of this age because you are starting to get a bit more expression, and can see a bit of personality starting to emerge.  The session is also a bit more intense, as there is very little downtime for changes, feeding or settling,  and a lot more movement, which can be fun.

These images are from last spring, and I recently had a follow-up session with Millie, who is of course now walking and starting to talk.  I’ll share those pictures soon, and see how she is changing:-)








Baby Eoghan


Here are some images of baby Eoghan (pronounced Owen), when he was about 8 weeks old. I think this is a lovely age to photograph babies, as they have filled out a bit from newborn and their skin is generally in lovely condition.  You also get a lot more eye-contact – just check out this little guy’s eyes!

All these were shot in Eoghan’s own home, just using natural light. Isn’t he sweet?  My own personal favourite is the shot where he is in the hat and his eyes are drooping shut – that stage where babies are somewhere between awake and asleep always gets me.

Do you have a favourite?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these. I have been doing more baby sessions, so there will be more coming up in future posts.

Oh, and Happy New Year!




















Jenny & Dave’s Pre-Wedding Shoot


Still catching up on the summer’s shooting! Here are some shots from my pre-wedding shoot with the lovely Jenny and Dave.  For this session, they had left their twins with auntie Tanya, and we headed down to Shoreham Beach for a quick hour before the light started to fade.

This was a location that I had had in mind for quite a while, as it is a little bit grungy and industrial, with lots of interesting bits and pieces. I’d love to do a trash the dress shoot down there, but a pre-wedding shoot was also a good opportunity to try out some different ideas and have a bit of fun.

Neither Jenny nor Dave felt particularly comfortable in front of the camera to begin with, so I started off by working at a distance, and asked them to walk up and down the beach, or to sit and snuggle. After a quick look at the back of the camera they started to relax a little and we moved into some more posed set-ups.  But it was when I asked them to start jumping off things or balancing on posts that they really started to enjoy it, which I hope comes across in the images – I love the last one:)

I have some images from their wedding day that I will be sharing in a future post.

Thanks for now,
















Cute Toddler Edith


I recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with little Edith to take some pictures. She was absolutley adorable, and just starting to talk – such a cute stage:)

It was a very informal shoot, with very little attempt to get Edith to pose. Just as well, because she was full of beans and didn’t want to spend much time sitting still! I had to work hard to keep up with her at times.

When I arrived she was having a bit of lunch, so I started with a few shots of her eating. I know she is a bit messy, and that’s not to everyone’s taste, but the whole food thing is such a big part of having a young child……and I think these shots are lovely.

She then had a bit of time playing in the lounge, and I borrowed a large canvas painting from one of the walls to act as a colourful backdrop.  Edith then did a bit of painting herself (literally!) before we moved into the garden for a few last shots.

So, I hope you like these pictures. Please feel free to leave a comment, or to share via Facebook.

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Shooting Santa (?) – in the Pub


For my latest post I am going to share some pictures I took just before Christmas. This was in a local pub, and isn’t the subject great! Given the timing of the shoot I have gone with the Santa resemblance, but could also have been Captain Birdseye.

Of course, it wasn’t a chance encounter, and these shots are actually of a model named John. And what a fabulous face John had, with a great range of expressions! he was great to work with:-)  The shots are from a mini-workshop run by a local photography group which I recently joined with the intention of learning or practising new skills. This particular shoot was about using flash effectively, by moving it off-camera, using lighting modifiers and balancing flash with ambient light from the bar to get particular effects. We stood John behind the bar with a pint in hand, and he seemed quite happy:-)  All good fun, and a great opportunity to make sure I am on the ball when the light starts to fade at weddings or other events.

So, here are the shots (if you click on a picture you can get a larger version). The first few I have left in colour, which I think gives a lovely warmth, but ultimately I felt that converting to mono would bring out more detail in John’s face (& beard), and I applied a subtle brownish tone. I think the results are quite striking, but do let me know what your favourites are.




A Family Sunday in Windsor


So, old friends Liz and Simon recently invited me for Sunday lunch, as they had won an Italian chef in the school raffle (yeah, I know….. I’d be lucky to win a bottle of dodgy chardonnay, but there you go).  I have to say lunch was great – best panna cotta ever – and it was  interesting to be able to see the cooking demonstrated close up.

And where am I going with this? Well it was a rare oppoprtunity for (almost) all of Simon’s family to get together, and I just had to take the chance to get some family photos. I started with some lovely  individual portraits of Charlotte and Holly (the boys were off playing XBox or something).  I’ve done a little post-processing to give them a brighter contemporary feel.  I then moved on to shooting the grown-ups, before finishing with a family grouping.  The group shots were, as ever, the  most difficult to set up.  I thought the steps would work well as a stage, but was a bit disappointed with the results. So instead I set up a couple of loungers around which to arrange the family, which gave a much more compact grouping.

I was pretty happy with the shots I got, and it was well worth it for the wonderful food and great company:-)

Thanks for looking,


















Kids – Part 2


This is just a quick update while I am editing some other recent shoots. These are a selection of images from my last post, but I have processed them in different ways for different effects. Starting with some standard black & white conversions.

For these next ones I have given them a warm, hazy cast to evoke late summer afternoon sunshine, but with a slightly vintage feel.

These last two are a variation on the old selenium-toning process. It is quite a strong effect, but I think it works quite well due to the strong converging lines in the background.

I have lots of editing on at the moment, with some bluebell pictures to come next and then an engagement shoot and a family shoot that I did over the weekend, not forgetting the royal wedding special (!).  

Thanks for looking.




As promised, here are some photos from a shoot I did in the Easter hols. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the kids were happy playing in the garden all afternoon. I just let them get on with playing, and tried to blend into the background as much as possible. Almost all of these are candid shots, with only the final 2 being in any way posed.

Starting with some lovely close candids of the girls…….

Now some shots of the boys…….

And the posed shots…..

I also tried some different treatments of images from the shoot, these are a couple where I have experimented with a vintage feel, with muted colours – great moments, too.  I am going to post some of the other alternative edits of these shots in a couple of days, so check back soon.

I have an engagement shoot planned for later this weekend, which I am really looking forward to, plus (hopefully) a special event for the royal wedding. I’ll hope the weather stays fine.

Thanks for looking,


Urban Portraits

Following on from my last post, I have been continuing to explore urban locations for portraiture. Last weekend I managed a quick shoot in town with a couple of (very unwilling!) models, Ben and Josh.  I didn’t have to waste any time finding our first backdrop, which was fortunate as the boys interest was typically short-lived!  I did at least confirm that it is possible to get some good portrait shots quite quickly. Perhaps next time we can manage a couple of other locations too, but for this particular effort I was pleased with the results.

 See what you think…..

Here I have used bith the colour of the wall and  the receding/converging lines of bricks to provide an interesting background, which also falls out of focus nicely.  I think Josh’s more direct look to the camera suited a more central composition, whereas Ben was going for a more moody and detached look, for which the off-centre composition works well.

These shots also work well without any colour, as there is still enough interest in the backround.  I can’t decide yet whether I prefer the colour or b&w versions….

And finally, we just tried something a bit different.  I took inspiration from a recent Canon ad campaign, and asked Ben to sit against the steps/railings so that I could later turn the picture 90 degrees and make it look like the world had turned. Ben couldn’t quite hold the pose I was looking for, but I think it’s a fair attempt and something I’m going to explore further in future.

That’s all for this week.  Next week I may be out shooting snowdrops, weather permitting.


Portrait Locations – Urban

I have been using the quiet time over the last couple of months to scout for some interesting locations for portrait work in and around Brighton.   The key elements I have been looking for are a combination of good lighting (away from harsh sunlight)  and dramatic or interesting backgrounds (utilising colour or pattern for instance).  I have found some good beach and countryside spots, which I will talk about in future posts, but I’m going to start with the urban locations……………

All of the shots in this post were taken within about 1/2 mile, and are mainly in and around  the North Laine area of Brighton.  These locations, as you will see, will lend themselves to slighty “edgier” photography, and will be great in particular for teanagers and for Trash The Dress shoots. Key features in the urban landscape include patterns of the street architecture and of course the bright colours of grafitti – some of which is a work of art in itself.

So, let’s start with the grafitti, as this presents some great opportunities for backgrounds for either full-length portrais or head & shoulder shots.  Some examples:

This spot is tucked away in the back-alleys, next to a car park. I think the mess gives some good creative opportunities, or we can just focus in on the grafitti for a head & shoulders, as per the second shot.

This set are near to the new library. Very colourful again, and the steps in the bottom shot have some potential.

 Great stuff, eh?

But let’s also look at the other possibilities from just using the everyday architecture on the street.  It would just be a 1 or 2 minute walk between these different locations, so easy to incorporate a mix into any portrait shoot. Again, I was looking for either great colour or interesting patterns.

The 3 shots above could work well because of the neutral colour and regular pattern – also notice the contast with the diners in the middle photo: it might be fun to place a bride against the grey wall on the left with the diners to the right unaware of her.

Some fabulous colours and a bit of grunge to finish.

Well, I was certainly inspired by my first look around, and I hope you will feel similarly inspired. I have found some other spots in town since – I just need to take a subject with me next time!

If this gives you any ideas do please get in touch.