Baby Millie



Here I’m going to share some lovely pictures of baby Millie from when she was about 8 months old.  Whereas with newborn photography you might spend most of the time trying to get baby to sleep, with a baby of this age there is a lot more interaction – in this case a parent or grandparent standing behind me making funny noises or waving favourite toys:-)

Each stage has its different challenges for the photographer, but I do enjoy photographing a baby of this age because you are starting to get a bit more expression, and can see a bit of personality starting to emerge.  The session is also a bit more intense, as there is very little downtime for changes, feeding or settling,  and a lot more movement, which can be fun.

These images are from last spring, and I recently had a follow-up session with Millie, who is of course now walking and starting to talk.  I’ll share those pictures soon, and see how she is changing:-)








Baby Theodore


Following on from Joyce’s bump shoot, I have great pleasure to share some pictures of little Theodore :-)

At the time of this session, he was just 2 weeks old, and still very willing to curl up and sleep.  This is perfect for lovely newborn photographs, as I was able to carefully move him into different poses.

He was a little star, and generally slept well. It still took something over 4 hours to complete the shoot, as there was a cycle of wake/feed/change/settle/sleep/pose/shoot that we went through a few times.  That did enable me to change the backgrounds and set-ups for some nice variety. Even finishing off by including mum and dad.     I love so many of these shots, and really enjoyed the session.

I also love my cute little newborn baby hats! Not sure which I like best, but I’m looking forward to using them more in my shoots.

I’m hoping to be able to share some more newborn photos soon.




Baby Edie @ 6 Months


I thought I would share some more pictures of baby Edie. This was from my second session with her last December, when she was around 7 months old,  sitting up and moving around. Isn’t she sweet?

(If you want to see what she looked like when she was little, you can check out my first set of images here:- Baby Edie )


For this session I had taken some handy backgrounds with me so we could get a bit of variety from the session – all these were shot in the same 5′ x 5′ area.  Edie seemed keen to move around quite a lot, so we did have to keep her busy with some toys to begin with, but patience and planning pays off, and I love some of these images.  The bubbles in particular worked really well both to get Edie’s attention and keep her still, while also adding some interesting elements to the pictures.  It was even more of a challenge to get the family’s dog, Maddie, to cooperate, but we got there in the end:-)


I’m looking forward to another session with Edie when she is starting to walk.  I’m hoping mum will be up for a “cake-smash” series in that session. We’ll see…..





Playtime in the Park


Are you ready for some really cute pictures?

Meet Rafferty, aged 3.   Isn’t he sweet?

We had been trying to organise this shoot for several months, but it just kept getting rained off through the horrible wet autumn.  At last we got a clear day early in December, so Rafferty and his mum met me in their local park for our shoot.

Rafferty was a star, and just wanted to have some fun. There was lots of running about and hiding behind trees and stuff, and he enjoyed getting buried in a pile of leaves.  In some of the images, you may see a slighty puzzled expression – that would be because I was telling him silly stories to get a reaction.  I think it worked, too.   In the 90 minutes we had together he remained full of energy, and it was only brioefly towards the end of the session where I resorted to the bubble gun (ok, so that was mainly because I wanted to play too).

I think we got a lovely set of images, with plenty of variety,  and we had some fun too.

Apparently, at bedtime that evening, Rafferty said:-

the BEST thing about today was having my picture taken by Foz“.

That make me feel great about my job:-)


I hope you enjoy these photos:-



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