Cute Toddler Edith


I recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with little Edith to take some pictures. She was absolutley adorable, and just starting to talk – such a cute stage:)

It was a very informal shoot, with very little attempt to get Edith to pose. Just as well, because she was full of beans and didn’t want to spend much time sitting still! I had to work hard to keep up with her at times.

When I arrived she was having a bit of lunch, so I started with a few shots of her eating. I know she is a bit messy, and that’s not to everyone’s taste, but the whole food thing is such a big part of having a young child……and I think these shots are lovely.

She then had a bit of time playing in the lounge, and I borrowed a large canvas painting from one of the walls to act as a colourful backdrop.  Edith then did a bit of painting herself (literally!) before we moved into the garden for a few last shots.

So, I hope you like these pictures. Please feel free to leave a comment, or to share via Facebook.

Thanks for looking,