Joyce & Enoch’s Pre-Wedding Shoot


Catching up on some posts after (during) a busy period.  A while back I met up with my competition winners, Joyce and Enoch for their pre-wedding shoot. This was in and around Camden Market, which was a great area for interesting locations and backdrops, and for trying on some hats.

Joyce and Enoch were such a pleasure to work with, and I always try to have a relaxed, fun time with my clients - which is something that I hope comes across in these images.  We even finished the shoot with some jumping shots, which had them both checking the back of my camera after each take, keen to see how they had done and how to improve their jumps to get the shots right.

At the end of the shoot, Enoch said to me that he hadn’t though that having his photo taken could be such fun.  Job done:)

I’m really excited about their wedding in September, as I think it is going to be a really vibrant and colourful event, with lots of traditional African dress.

Check back to see how it goes.