Sarah & Ben’s Pre-Wedding Shoot


Well, it has been a busy summer and I have a lot of catching up to do here – several weddings, some engagement shoots and a couple of babies…

First up is Sarah & Ben’s pre wedding shoot. This was a low-key affair that we did in the back garden of their house in deepest Sussex.  To begin with they were both a bit uncomfortable having their picture taken, so I started with some individual portraits to build a bit of confidence. Once I had shown them some of the results on the back of the camera they started to relax a little.  For the shots of Ben, I added a slightly gritty masculine treatment in post-processing, which I think works really well for him.

Now we were into the swing of it, we began doing shots of them both, and I asked them to concentrate on just being together and having a bit of fun, rather than thinking too much about the camera. We were able to get some nice natural images and I think their personalities are coming through nicely here.

Their wedding day has already been and gone (I did say I had some catching up to do with my blog!) so look out for some fab images from the wedding coming soon:)

Thanks for looking,