Jenny & Dave’s Wedding


I’ve been suffering with flu this week, so I’ve had the chance to organise myself to share some photos from a couple of summer weddings (remember when days were warm?).

First up is Jenny and Dave’s wedding, which took place at Queen’s Hall in Cuckfield. You may remember that Janny and Dave were runners-up in my competition earlier this year, so it was great for me to be able to shoot their wedding.

One unusual element of their plans that had stood out for me was the idea of asking each guest to bring a flower on the day, which would then be made into Jenny’s bridal bouquet just before the service. Florist Lynne from EricaLily Flowers was understandably a bit nervous, but she did a great job to incorporate all the different blooms that came her way!

I also have to point out how adorable Jenny and Dave’s twins were. Jake and Bella were a bit tired by the end of the day, but I think they had a lovely time at mummy and daddy’s wedding:-)

Please have a look through the gallery below – you can see bigger versions of each shot by clicking on the thumbnail.

Next time I think it will be some more lovely baby pictures, so chack back soon.



Joyce & Enoch’s Pre-Wedding Shoot


Catching up on some posts after (during) a busy period.  A while back I met up with my competition winners, Joyce and Enoch for their pre-wedding shoot. This was in and around Camden Market, which was a great area for interesting locations and backdrops, and for trying on some hats.

Joyce and Enoch were such a pleasure to work with, and I always try to have a relaxed, fun time with my clients - which is something that I hope comes across in these images.  We even finished the shoot with some jumping shots, which had them both checking the back of my camera after each take, keen to see how they had done and how to improve their jumps to get the shots right.

At the end of the shoot, Enoch said to me that he hadn’t though that having his photo taken could be such fun.  Job done:)

I’m really excited about their wedding in September, as I think it is going to be a really vibrant and colourful event, with lots of traditional African dress.

Check back to see how it goes.





















Competition Update !

jenny & dave photo 4

With only 5 days remaining until my competition closes (midnight on May 15) things have been getting exciting, and there has been plenty of action.  Joyce and Enoch have gathered an amazing 233 votes!

Jenny and Dave entered the running a little later, but they are making good progress with 136 votes.  The question is, can they close the gap? We’ll see…..

Please wish both couple good luck, and you can keep track of their scores by checking on the relevant posting for each of them.








Competition Update !

jenny & dave photo 4

This is just a quick update on my “What’s your story?” competition, where the winning couple will win their photo package from me……….

So far, Joyce and Enoch have opened up quite a lead, with a whopping 90 votes!!  Jenny and Dave a trailing a little with 40 votes, but with plenty of time to turn it around…

Check out their stories by looking at the posts under the **COMPETITION** category:)

For any other couples out there, there is still time to enter the competition, but you’ll need to be quick…….

Wishing them all good luck..


Competition Entry : Jenny and Dave

jenny & dave photo 3

A big welcome to Jenny and Dave, with their entry into my “What’s your story” competition. They have a great story to tell, and I love the idea of their special wedding bouquet.

Here’s the story……


We’re getting married! 

Two children and many years together we have finally decided to tie the knot and this is our story.

The First Date

I was enjoying a bottle of wine with my sister and her then boyfriend feeling very single.  ‘Surely you’ve got at least one, decent single friend’ I begged the then boyfriend.  He pondered for a while and said ‘Well there’s Dave, you may get on with him.’  30minutes later Dave and I were chatting on the phone and Dave made me really laugh.  We arranged to meet a few nights later at the local pub and the rest as they say is history…

The proposal

During 11 years together we have enjoyed many special times.  In our early years, we travelled to many a romantic location and I often secretly wondered if this would be the place of Dave’s proposal.  The most memorable ‘will he/won’t he’ moment was in Paris stood at the top of the Eiffel Tower, renowned for romantic proposals.  As I looked around for Dave, I found him with his back firmly against the wall, gripped with fear as vertigo had got the better of him.  No proposal there then!  A good few years on, we left our young twins in the capable hands of grandparents and jumped on a plane to Barcelona. As Dave perused the menus of many a restaurant, I started to get impatient.  He said that he wanted our meal to be special to celebrate my 40th birthday.  I said a weekend together in Barcelona was special but Dave insisted on finding a place that was just right.   With two year old twins and mother’s guilt at leaving my gorgeous duo for the first time, the last thing on my mind was a proposal!   Imagine my shock when Dave got down on one knee, produced a beautiful engagement ring and said ‘We’ve been together for 11 wonderful years, you are a fantastic mum, I love you…will you marry me?’  I was completely and utterly shocked.   Through tears of joy, I accepted!  

The wedding  

Our wedding will have a touch of village fete feel with cream teas, bunting and games on the lawn.  With our children as bridesmaid and page boy, and our matchmaker friend as best man, we are planning a wonderful, informal wedding with immediate family and close friends.   The wedding party will be in their wedding regalia with an added twist of a unique wedding bouquet, hand-tied on the day, with a flower brought by each of our guests.    All we need now is a sunny (or at least dry!) August day and a good photographer!!          


So, best of luck to Jenny and Dave.  If you want to vote for them, please leave a comment below, starting with the word “VOTE”.

The competition is now open until May 15th, and new entries are very welcome during that time.





Competition Entry : Joyce and Enoch

Joyce & Enoch4

A big welcome this week to Joyce and Enoch, the first entrants into my “What’s your story”  competition to win one of my wedding photography packages. Theirs is a sweet story, I think, so let’s wish them luck when the voting opens.

Oh, and having met with them last week, I can see that they will be fun for me to work with and I can honestly say that the picture really is an uncanny likeness! :-)

So here it is, in Joyce’s own words…………….


Story: When my fiance and I first met, it certainly was not love at first sight (well, not for me anyway). At the time I had completely sworn off men and vowed that I never ever wanted to be romantically involved with a member of the opposite sex as long as I lived! (How unrealistic and naive I hear you scream).

To get over my blues, I threw a party whilst my parents were away on holiday. I invited everybody, all my friends from uni and work and anybody else I could think of; and I told those people to bring a friend. Most of my friends did bring their friends, one of whom was my now fiance, Enoch. Enoch took an instant liking to me, however, I remained aloof saying that we could only ever be friends. Enoch agreed, although he had other plans. He was extremely persistent (and patient) and eventually won me over (gushes). And the rest as they say, is history. After 8 years together (3 of which we’ve been engaged for) we’re finally getting married!!

So now we’re excited about the rest of our lives together : )

Picture: You’ll be amazed at how much this really looks like us (Seriously, its frighteningly accurate. Especially my extra wide grin)!



Welcome to the “What’s your story” competition.

We believe every wedding is special, but that’s kind of obvious, right? But every couple goes on a different journey to reach that point, and those journeys are varied and exciting, full of passion, smiles and tears. We would love to hear about those journeys, and to be part of your next steps together.  Perhaps you will also be painting your personalities over your wedding plans and have some unusual plans for your bid day too.

So, what is your story?  Was it love at first sight? A romantic proposal?  Is it a story of plain sailing or stormy waters? Or do you have something special or unusual planned for your big day – perhaps a vintage theme or an “Alice in Wonderland” theme for example?  Whatever your story, just share it in a few lines or a few paragraphs and you could win your photography package.

For your chance to win your wedding photography package (worth £850) simply share your story and tell us what makes your wedding special for you.

The competition will be decided by public vote, and will be open for voting until midnight on May 15th  2012. Votes can be cast by leaving comments via my blog for the couple you think has the most special story.  Enter today, as voting will open soon!

Can’t wait to see what stories we get:-)

Good luck,



How to enter:-

  • Send a photo of yourselves (or 2 individual photos) to  Put “Competition” in the subject line and include the following information:-
  • Your Names
  • Contact Details (these will not be shared)
  • Date of your wedding  (to ensure that Foz is available for your chosen weekend)
  • Location of your wedding
  • Your Story……..


How to Vote:-

  • Each couple entering will have a specific posting on my blog to share their story, under the “Competition” tag.
  • Votes can be cast by submitting a comment via my blog (comments field is found at the bottom of each post).
  • To ensure that I recognise your comment as a vote, it must begin with the word “VOTE”.

Competition Rules:-

The prize is our Basic Wedding package, worth £850

In addition, any couples entering will qualify for a 10% discount on our set package prices.

The competition is open to any couple getting married during the 18 months to 30/10/2013, whatever type of wedding you are have planned.

The winning couple will be those with the most votes recorded at the closing date.

Voting is only possible via my blog at

Only one vote per person can be accepted for a particular couple.

Please feel free to share your link via facebook  with your friends and family, but they must visit my website to vote.

If the winning couple’s wedding venue is more than 50 miles from Brighton, reasonable travel expenses will be charged (by agreement)

The competition organisers reserve the right to make changes to the structure or timing of the competition if the need arises.

In case of any dispute the decision of the judges at Photography by Foz is final.