Jack & Jill on a Misty Morning


I few weeks ago I went up the hill to take some shots of Jack and Jill, 2 old windmills on the South Downs just north of Brighton.  A run of misty mornings had given me just enough motivation to get out and try something I don’t normally do – a bit of landscape photography.

I think I normally find it difficult to shoot landscapes, partly because I like to look at details and it can be hard for me to compose a wide view in a way that I like, and partly perhaps because it requires a lot of patience. Strange, because I can be very patient while waiting for a dragonfly to land on just the right reed for me to get the shot I want. I guess it’s just a different kind of waiting.

Anyway, I thought the addition of some mist shifting and swirling would give me that added interest and mood, so off I went.  I was lucky with the timing, and managed to get some lovely moody shots of the windmills, and of views down a field as the mist moved in and out.

When editing the images later, I decided to add a split-toning effect to boost contrast and enhance textures – also so that the shots will be a bit different to what you normally see.  I hope you like them:-)