Delicious Pizza! This is what a real pizza should taste like!

How good do these pizzas look?! Trust me, they taste seriously good – proper food! :-)

I recently did a promotional shoot with new local busines,  The Pizza Oven.  Owners Emma and Helen, are starting up a mobile pizza business, but these are no ordinary pizzas! Their secret is hidden away inside their van, but is betrayed by the smokestack poking out of the roof.  They have a proper wood-fired pizza oven, specially made from clay.  This cooks their pizzas at a very high temperature and very quickly. During the shoot I was able to sample some of their work, and I have to say the pizzas are simply delicious!  Not just down to the oven, but also because the ingredients are good quality and nice and fresh. Forget your pizzas in boxes, THIS is how they are supposed to taste.

Our aim for the day was to shoot a range of images for Emma and Helen to use on their website and in their advertising. A big part of this was obviously the food itself, and I was really pleased with the shots I took of the food – I think I managed to capture the mood of the food….and to convey the tastiness of the pizzas.  Hopefully these shots will be getting you thinking “mmmmm” :-)    We had also planned to shoot 3 “sets” related to the kind of business they will be doing. These included a children’s party and a more grown-up evening party, which turned out pretty well.

I also wanted to get some portraits of Emma and Helen, and played around with a couple of ideas here. For the shot in front of the barn doors I was drawing inspiration from the painting “American Gothic”, but I think my favourite is the one of them inside the van, which I lit with a single flashgun place inside the van and triggered wirelessly.   I used a similar set-up for the shot of the children opening the box.

It was a real joy to work with Helen and Emma, and we had a lot of fun with this shoot.  I’m sure they are going to have a lot of success, as they really are offering something different (you should try their gourmet recipes if you get the chance – wild mushroom and truffle oil, anyone?).  If you want to sample this fantastic food, The Pizza Oven is currently pitched every Friday evening in the car park in Steyning , They are also going to be appearing at a number of festivals and local events, including “Paddle Round the Pier”.  You can also book them for your own event, from weddings to corporate entertainment. Go on – you know you want to……