Competition Entry : Joyce and Enoch

Joyce & Enoch4

A big welcome this week to Joyce and Enoch, the first entrants into my “What’s your story”  competition to win one of my wedding photography packages. Theirs is a sweet story, I think, so let’s wish them luck when the voting opens.

Oh, and having met with them last week, I can see that they will be fun for me to work with and I can honestly say that the picture really is an uncanny likeness! :-)

So here it is, in Joyce’s own words…………….


Story: When my fiance and I first met, it certainly was not love at first sight (well, not for me anyway). At the time I had completely sworn off men and vowed that I never ever wanted to be romantically involved with a member of the opposite sex as long as I lived! (How unrealistic and naive I hear you scream).

To get over my blues, I threw a party whilst my parents were away on holiday. I invited everybody, all my friends from uni and work and anybody else I could think of; and I told those people to bring a friend. Most of my friends did bring their friends, one of whom was my now fiance, Enoch. Enoch took an instant liking to me, however, I remained aloof saying that we could only ever be friends. Enoch agreed, although he had other plans. He was extremely persistent (and patient) and eventually won me over (gushes). And the rest as they say, is history. After 8 years together (3 of which we’ve been engaged for) we’re finally getting married!!

So now we’re excited about the rest of our lives together : )

Picture: You’ll be amazed at how much this really looks like us (Seriously, its frighteningly accurate. Especially my extra wide grin)!