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Joyce & Enoch’s Wedding.


Today I’m pleased to be writing about the wedding of  Joyce and Enoch, winners of my competition last year. I had already met Joyce and Enoch for an engagement shoot in Camden, which had been good fun, so I was really looking forward to their wedding day.

With their families originally from Nigeria and Ghana, this was a real mixture of wedding styles, and a very colourful affair!   The bride and groom, bridesmaids and groomsen were dressed in traditional english fashion for the ceremony and wedding breakfast, but later changed into formal african dress, and then casual dress later – that’s a lot of changing!  You’ll also see that many of the guests were wearing traditional african dress and looked spectacular.

Although there were a few different elements to their wedding the overall flow was pretty familiar to me, so I started with some getting ready shots, before moving on to the ceremony. For this part of they day, I am keeping back out of the way for the most part, and not trying to direct any posing.

When we moved on to the reception venue, they weren’t quite ready for the bride’s entry, so I took Joyce off to one side for some bridal portraits, and when Enoch joined us too, I climbed up a fire escape to get some shots looking down onto them, and then asked Joyce to twirl so I could capture some movement in her dress.   As the venue still weren’t quite ready for us, I took a few minutes to take some group shots of the boy and the girls. Rather than posing groups I like to give them something to do and a bit of simple direction, and we always get some nice informal shots where everyone is having fun. The was a lot of competition between the boys and the girls to get the best jumping shot :-)

I even managed to grab a few quite moments away from the hustle an bustle later and took Joyce and Enoch to their suite for some pictures – this is where I asked Joyce to climb into the bath for me…..

And that was most of the formal shots in the bag. There were just a few more of the bridesmaids and groomsmen before the light faded too much. Otherwise I was shooting more fly-on-the-wall style, and trying to capture some of the energy and vibrant colours.

My last shots were of the launch of some Chinese lanterns, before I had to pack up and leave. By that time it was after 10, and I still had a 2 hour journey home! Despite the length of the day, I really enjoyed myself, and felt privileged to be a part of Joyce and Enoch’s celebrations.

My competition winners for this year are Sadie and Gary, and I’m hoping to have just as much fun shooting their wedding in August.














Jenny & Dave’s Wedding


I’ve been suffering with flu this week, so I’ve had the chance to organise myself to share some photos from a couple of summer weddings (remember when days were warm?).

First up is Jenny and Dave’s wedding, which took place at Queen’s Hall in Cuckfield. You may remember that Janny and Dave were runners-up in my competition earlier this year, so it was great for me to be able to shoot their wedding.

One unusual element of their plans that had stood out for me was the idea of asking each guest to bring a flower on the day, which would then be made into Jenny’s bridal bouquet just before the service. Florist Lynne from EricaLily Flowers was understandably a bit nervous, but she did a great job to incorporate all the different blooms that came her way!

I also have to point out how adorable Jenny and Dave’s twins were. Jake and Bella were a bit tired by the end of the day, but I think they had a lovely time at mummy and daddy’s wedding:-)

Please have a look through the gallery below – you can see bigger versions of each shot by clicking on the thumbnail.

Next time I think it will be some more lovely baby pictures, so chack back soon.



Sarah & Ben’s Wedding


Another of the summer weddings.  This time it was Sarah and Ben’s, and we actually had some sunshine! They were married at Asdown Park Hotel , with the party in a marquee at their own Sussex home, and stretch jeeps to ferry the guests between.

Sarah had made her own dress, and was looking gorgeous, so check out the getting ready shots.  Ben was looking a bit nervous beforehand, like many grooms, but was much happier when it was all over. I managed to grab some time back at the house to photograph the newlyweds after the food had been served, and I loved the late evening sunlight. Sarah and Ben were even up for the idea of climbing up onto a big tree stump  for a few shots.

Incidentally, I regretted not grabbing some of the canapes while I had a chance – the little fish & chip cones were looking really tempting!

By the time I had to pack my bags the party was gathering pace, but I had time to grab a few relaxed minutes with Ben to take a few more shots before I left.

My favourite shot has to be this one of Sarah, though, as the light was just beautiful, lit by a small skylight at the top of the stairs.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Take a look at the gallery below and click on a thumbnail to see the full image.




Jenny & Dave’s Pre-Wedding Shoot


Still catching up on the summer’s shooting! Here are some shots from my pre-wedding shoot with the lovely Jenny and Dave.  For this session, they had left their twins with auntie Tanya, and we headed down to Shoreham Beach for a quick hour before the light started to fade.

This was a location that I had had in mind for quite a while, as it is a little bit grungy and industrial, with lots of interesting bits and pieces. I’d love to do a trash the dress shoot down there, but a pre-wedding shoot was also a good opportunity to try out some different ideas and have a bit of fun.

Neither Jenny nor Dave felt particularly comfortable in front of the camera to begin with, so I started off by working at a distance, and asked them to walk up and down the beach, or to sit and snuggle. After a quick look at the back of the camera they started to relax a little and we moved into some more posed set-ups.  But it was when I asked them to start jumping off things or balancing on posts that they really started to enjoy it, which I hope comes across in the images – I love the last one:)

I have some images from their wedding day that I will be sharing in a future post.

Thanks for now,















Jo & Tony’s Wedding


It seems like ages since Jo and Tony got married in July, but the rainy days we have had recently have reminded me of their wedding day. I loved working with Jo and Tony – it was grey and wet from the start, but they didn’t let it get them down, and you will see from the photos here that they were just smiling all day long.

They even stayed calm when the groom’s car keys were accidently taken to the reception after the service, leaving bride and groom stranded at the church! Fortunately I was still on hand and was able to drive Tony back to his house to pick up the spare car keys.

As their photographer, there were definitely some challenges for me throughout the day.  Mostly it was just the lack of light in the church (St Mary’s at Sompting, which is beatiful), and at the reception (Findon Manor) which made life difficult, but I was able to to shoot some great images with a high ISO and steady hand.  But then the persistent rain made it difficult to arrange any group shots outside.  Fortunately we did get about 10 minutes after the ceremony, and then about half an hour later in the evening just before the light started to fade. So I had to grab my opportunities quickly and get all my subjects organised while still keeping them entertained and smiley.

Strangely, this helps me to remember some reasons why I love shooting weddings:

- I get to work with people who are good fun to be with, and I feel so lucky to have had the clients that I have

- even when things don’t turn out to be perfect, everyone still wants to have a good time, and I can harness that positive energy to help get some of the spirit of the day into my images

-  I have to work really hard sometimes to get good images, which keeps me challenged and helps me to stay creative

So, I’m feeling a lot of love for my clients right now and will celebrate them some more in coming posts.

Thanks for your visit.



Sarah & Ben’s Pre-Wedding Shoot


Well, it has been a busy summer and I have a lot of catching up to do here – several weddings, some engagement shoots and a couple of babies…

First up is Sarah & Ben’s pre wedding shoot. This was a low-key affair that we did in the back garden of their house in deepest Sussex.  To begin with they were both a bit uncomfortable having their picture taken, so I started with some individual portraits to build a bit of confidence. Once I had shown them some of the results on the back of the camera they started to relax a little.  For the shots of Ben, I added a slightly gritty masculine treatment in post-processing, which I think works really well for him.

Now we were into the swing of it, we began doing shots of them both, and I asked them to concentrate on just being together and having a bit of fun, rather than thinking too much about the camera. We were able to get some nice natural images and I think their personalities are coming through nicely here.

Their wedding day has already been and gone (I did say I had some catching up to do with my blog!) so look out for some fab images from the wedding coming soon:)

Thanks for looking,



















Joyce & Enoch’s Pre-Wedding Shoot


Catching up on some posts after (during) a busy period.  A while back I met up with my competition winners, Joyce and Enoch for their pre-wedding shoot. This was in and around Camden Market, which was a great area for interesting locations and backdrops, and for trying on some hats.

Joyce and Enoch were such a pleasure to work with, and I always try to have a relaxed, fun time with my clients - which is something that I hope comes across in these images.  We even finished the shoot with some jumping shots, which had them both checking the back of my camera after each take, keen to see how they had done and how to improve their jumps to get the shots right.

At the end of the shoot, Enoch said to me that he hadn’t though that having his photo taken could be such fun.  Job done:)

I’m really excited about their wedding in September, as I think it is going to be a really vibrant and colourful event, with lots of traditional African dress.

Check back to see how it goes.





















Competition Entry: Jo & Tony


And we have a late entry from Jo and Tony, who are getting married this July.  Theirs is a sweet story too, so please give them your support:)

So here it is, in Jo’s words…….

Our Story

She was a mild mannered ops manager working hard and bringing up her

daughter, he was a suave, charming engineer desperate to leave his

single life behind.  There was someone who knew them both, someone who

brought their two lives crashing together, it was love at first eMail!


Seven years later a lot has happened since those first heady days of

electronic communication. We arranged to meet, after a month of eMails,

on Brighton seafront and had a wonderful afternoon together talking non-

stop. After that we spoke every day and a year later Tony moved in with

me and my daughter Harriet.


We have added another two children to the family who together keep us

very busy and entertained (they do also drive us mad too!).


We are both the happiest we have ever been and now to put the icing on

the cake we are going to get married in July with all the children

helping (that’s what they’ve assured us!).


Harriet took the photo for us as I couldn’t find any of us together,

must get lots at the wedding…….


To Vote for Jo and Tony, simply enter “Vote” in the comments box below and submit….

Good Luck!


Competition Update !

jenny & dave photo 4

With only 5 days remaining until my competition closes (midnight on May 15) things have been getting exciting, and there has been plenty of action.  Joyce and Enoch have gathered an amazing 233 votes!

Jenny and Dave entered the running a little later, but they are making good progress with 136 votes.  The question is, can they close the gap? We’ll see…..

Please wish both couple good luck, and you can keep track of their scores by checking on the relevant posting for each of them.








Competition Update !

jenny & dave photo 4

This is just a quick update on my “What’s your story?” competition, where the winning couple will win their photo package from me……….

So far, Joyce and Enoch have opened up quite a lead, with a whopping 90 votes!!  Jenny and Dave a trailing a little with 40 votes, but with plenty of time to turn it around…

Check out their stories by looking at the posts under the **COMPETITION** category:)

For any other couples out there, there is still time to enter the competition, but you’ll need to be quick…….

Wishing them all good luck..